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The prevailing attitude of the community towards the Air Force Station was one of "Unity and Goodwill" to quote the title of an editorial from the Summerside Journal of December 15, 1941. By that time the No. 9 School had been in St. Eleanors for a year and the Journal printed a special 16-page supplement to mark the occasion. The editor praised the conduct of the airmen and noted the strength of the friendly relations. "Group Captain E.G. Fullerton and his staff have co-operated in the various activities of the community, while on the other hand, our citizens, it is pleasing to note, have endeavoured to a large degree to reciprocate by making these fine officers and men feel as much as possible at home and among friends."

The "splendid relationship" was described in an editorial the following year when another souvenir issue was published. In the same issue, the paper stated, "The advantage of having an air establishment of this magnitude in a community the size of this is difficult to estimate, not only in a material sense, which in itself is very evident, but in terms of enlarged world contacts which this province and community has never before had." In December 1943 the paper spoke glowingly of the town's privilege and pleasure in having the RCAF personnel in their midst.

A revealing view of the town through the eyes of newcomer Joan Greenwood appeared in the Journal on December 20, 1943. The article titled, "As You Seem to Us; an Airforce Wife Looks at Summerside" commented on curious local customs and the slower pace of the Island. Carrie Holman, "Native Born," replied on behalf of residents through a published letter ten days later.

The existence of the Air Force Station was not without some minor drawbacks. For a brief examination of a few negative points, click here.

There were many ways in which the general population and RCAF Station Summerside interacted. This section of the website has been sub-divided into the following themes: Recreation, Economy, and Visitors to the Station. There is also a sub-section for Air Cadets.

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